About CORE.world

CORE is a visionary hub that wants to awaken all senses with a unique total experience where nature, music and art meet, immersing guests within the raw beauty of nature’s surroundings. Initially born as one of Tomorrowland’s most unique stages tucked away in the festival’s enchanting forests where music and nature come together, the mythical and beautifully crafted CORE stage quickly became a true crowd favorite among visitors from all over the world.

Today, CORE represents its own universe and musical DNA within Tomorrowland, crossing and fusing a wide array of various genres, niches, cultures and boundaries, while being deeply rooted in nature. CORE offers music aficionados performances by alternative house & techno acts at the iconic CORE stage at festivals & events like Tomorrowland Belgium, Tomorrowland Winter, Tomorrowland Brasil, CORE Tulum and CORE Medellín, as well as new cutting edge releases and the most exciting emerging artists on the boutique record label CORE Records and the monthly CORE radio show on One World Radio. Branching off to different subgenres with both internationally renowned acts, as well as new talents to discover, CORE aims to give people enough energy for a proper party, while also introducing them to upcoming artists and special discoveries that they wouldn’t expect.

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